Company Introduction

Hoschoc Enterprise Co., Ltd.

      Hoschoc is a brand-new cosmetics manufacturing company. We have own cosmetic factory in Taiwan. We are experienced in supplying a wide range of cosmetic products at different levels and prices that satisfies every expectation of our customers.
      We actively seek partners in various aspects from product design to its components, accessories, and packaging. We offer cosmetic Original Equipment Manufacturer(OEM) & Original Design Manufacturer(ODM) and custom productions at the highest standard to meet the needs of our customers.

Business Philosophy

      Hoschoc was established in 2015 and is located in the historical capital of culture, Tainan. Tainan is one of the first cities in Taiwan and is full of the deep-seated cultural atmosphere. It boasts 38 national heritage sites and an array of traditional local food spread. The people of Tainan are enthusiastic, kind, diligent and with an optimism outlook on life. It is within such atmosphere that birthed Hoschoc’s business philosophy: Integrity, Quality, and Expertise.

  • Integrity: We believe that business is not all about profit making, but a partnership where every party can be equally rewarded. We aim to give all our employees a sense of belonging and that all our supportive suppliers can be proud of being our partners. What’s more, we treat every client, whether small or big, with utmost respect and attention.

  • Quality: We believe in delivering quality goods to quality clients by ensuring our manufacturing processes comply with FDA, EEC, GMP, and Japanese regulations. We exercise quality control in the process of formulation, testing, packaging design, and manufacturing procedures.

  • Expertise: Our team has years of experience that can tackle the never-ending demands of our clients. We continue to advance ourselves in bettering our products and services, through PDCA and with our sincere hearts, to give our clients a mutually beneficial and successful partnership!
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    Scale of Business and Management Team

          The purpose of Hoschoc establishment is hoping every woman can buy affordable cosmetics with good quality. we've spent 2 years building up our first factory. In 2021, we moved back to our original building with 750m2 production line, 500m2 warehouse and 250m2 lab. We have ISO Class 5 cleanliness space. We recruit experts to operate production machinery and apparatus that we 've imported.
    Our founder, Mr. Attlee Sheng, has 35 years of experience in factory management, product design, and brand integration. Mr. Attlee Sheng’s father started a cosmetic factory when he was 10, which enlightened Mr. Shegn to the world of cosmetic manufacturing.

    In 1983, Mr. Sheng dedicated himself in transforming the company into one that’s systemized and automatized, which created exponential growth for the company.

    In 1992, he set up a factory overseas to strengthen the company’s competitiveness.

    Mr. Sheng led the family-owned business successfully to become one of the leading color cosmetic manufactures between 1990 and 2000.

    In 2003, he directed his focus to brand integration; his sense of fashion and ability of integration brought a Japanese hundred dollar store back to life; Furthermore, some of his items rivaled several well-known brands and topped the bestselling charts, creating a wild sensation.

    In 2015, Mr. Sheng is ready to take on the world of cosmetics manufacturing with his very own Hoschoc Enterprise Co., Ltd. We strive to continually advance our teams in product development (including packaging, catalog, and display cases), formula development, sales and services, and regulation compliance. Our team is young yet with enough experience to help our clients with any product related questions and meet their requirements.

    In 2018, our factory is ISO22716 and ISO9001 certified.

    In 2022, We also have SMETA in 2022. We'll continue to grow and improve our capabilities and qualifications to give our clients speedy and competitive services!

    The Core of Business Value and Future Expectation

  • With people as foundation, we care about each of our employees; they are young, flexible and adaptive. We serve each client with sincerity and utmost service.

  • Our GM started designing products in 1987 and owns several patents; his innovative designs not only help the clients earn profits but also add competitive values. Thus, he emphasizes complete service, he never stops training and strengthening his design team.

  • Hoschoc is not like other filling factories; we could offer the service of brand integration; which is to offer turn-key service, whether it’s packaging, formula development, unit carton, backing card design, or display design.

  • Cosmetics is a rapid industry and in order to gather immediate information, we have a Japanese R&D consultant team, as well as an Industry-Academy Cooperation Plan with collaboration with a university. We believe in “innovation or death”. Hence we continually develop new formula to aid our clients lead the market.

  • The meaning of Hoschoc in Chinese is to challenge all tasks with enthusiasm and positivity. The “Hos” of Hoschoc represents “Home”, we treat our clients as part of our family. We are sincere and professional and look forward to creating a booming future with you.